Surge Test Apparatus T3-05

pdfSurge Test Apparatus T3-05



It is constructed in compliance with IEC 60065, Sub clauses 10.1 and 14.1 and figures 5a and 5b.


SURGE TEST APPARATUS T3-05 is intended for testing of insulating materials, and for testing of particular components in mains operated electronic apparatus for household and similar general use. This is tested by high voltage surges 10 kV.


Two housings, one on top of another:

  • High voltage switch with IEC 60065 circuit is located in solid, isolated housing made of Plexiglas, so that it is protected from dust. Due to the transparency monitoring of high voltage switch is enabled. Mounted on top of sheet steel housing that consists control unit.
  • Brass sphere and contacts of high voltage switch are gold plated to avoid oxidation
  • Electric circuit as per fig. 5b of IEC 60065
  • On Plexiglas housing are located high voltage socket outlets for connection to 10 kV power supply (T4-22) capacitor Cx and socket outlets for connection with oscilloscope.

Control unit

  • Micro controller SIEMENS LOGO 24 for adjusting number of discharges and their rate
  • Start and Stop Push buttons
  • Switching power supply 24 V DC
  • At the back side is located controlled (conditioned) socket outlet for connection of 10kV power supply (T4-22). (In case of turning off the apparatus T3-05, the line voltage in disconnected from this socket outlet.)


Table top apparatus, solid case, Non-sensitive, scratch-resistant surfaces through powder-coating, side panels, Al extrusion, RAL 7016, Frame, Al die-cast, RAL 7016, Base and cover, AI, 1.5 mm, RAL 9006, with GND/earthing connection, adjustable case feet with anti-slip protection, front plate and rear panel anodized aluminum 2,5 mm.

Internal and external dimensions in accordance with: IEC 60297-3. Type of protection IP 20 in accordance with IEC 60529, Protective GND/earthing connections in accordance with: IEC 61010, DIN EN 50178 / VDE 0160, DIN EN 60950 / VDE 0805, DIN EN 61010-1 / VDE 0411 part 1, DIN EN 61010-1A2 / VDE 0411 part 1/A1.

All parts of mechanism are corrosion protected.


Power supply  110-230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 43 VA
Micro controller SIEMENS LOGO 24  
Supplying voltage  24 V DC
Thigh = Tlow 2.5 sec. (max. 999.999)
No. of discharges  Count  50 (max. 999999)
Contacts (pillars and sphere) brass, gold plated 4microm
Dimensions  WxDxH: 330 x 250 x 220 mm
Weight  7.14 kg


Warranty: 2 years

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