Microwave oven door endurance tester T3-70

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T3-70 MICROWAVE OVEN DOOR ENDURANCE TESTER is designed and manufactured in compliance IEC 60335-2-25, Clause 18Electrical unit consists of motor controlling and switching elements. Complete circuit is supplied with protective voltage 24 VDC. Electrical unit and mechanical unit are connected with cable through connector on mechanical unit.
Mechanical unit is mounted on base plate that is mounted on solid sectional aluminum profiles, that enables heavy duty mounting and fastening of apparatus for microwave oven with left or right door openings.
Motor with reduction gear drives the clamping head that is mounted on main shaft. The apparatus is designed for testing of Microwave oven with or without knob for door opening.


Solid case, Non-sensitive, scratch-resistant surfaces through powder-coating, side panels, Al extrusion, RAL 7016, Frame, Al die-cast, RAL 7016, Base and cover, AI, 1.5 mm, RAL 9006, with GND/earthing connection, case feet with anti-slip protection, front plate and rear panel anodized aluminum 2,5 mm.
Internal and external dimensions in accordance with: IEC 60297-3. Type of protection IP 20 in accordance with IEC 60529, Protective GND/earthing connections in accordance with: IEC 61010, DIN EN 50178 / VDE 0160, DIN EN 60950 / VDE 0805, DIN EN 61010-1 / VDE 0411 part 1, DIN EN 61010-1A2 / VDE 0411 part 1/A1.

The framework is made of aluminum extruded profiles, Al Mg Si 0.5 F 25, Tolerances (straightness and flatness) according to DIN EN 12020 Part 2. The aluminum profiles are natural (C0) anodized and are therefore permanently resistant to scratching and corrosion.
Surface with matt finish (E 6), anodized and compressed oxidation. Minimum layer thickness 10 µm, layer hardness 250 - 350 HV.
All parts of mechanism are nickel plated, anodized aluminum or made of stainless steel (AISI 304, DIN W. No. 1.4301 X5CrNi18-10) or (AISI 316 , DIN W. No. 1.4401 X5CrNiMo17-12-2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stainless_steel.


 Line voltage  230V (110 V), 50Hz (60 Hz)
 Power consumption  120 VA

 Crouzet 24VDC with integrated microcontroller

 Reduction gear  Transmission factor i=31
 Rotation speed on main shaft  120turn/min
 System controller  Siemens Logo 24 RC
 Supplying voltage  24 V DC
 Counter: number of digits  6 (0 - 999999)
 Delay  0.1 - 10 s adjustable
 Clamping head  DIA. 3 to 16 mm
 Rotation angle  angle adjustments: 20 – 180 deg
 Mechanical unit  WIDTH 1120 mm
 Depth 715 MM
 HEIGHT 1200 mm
Electrical unit  WIDTH 360 mm
 DEPTH 300 mm
 HEIGHT 310 mm
 Weight  62 kg


Certificate for dimensions of both blades and the force exerted on the test sample are available on request, but are not included in the price.


Warranty: 2 years

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