pdfT4-36 Mechanismus for burning tests (Vert. and Horiz.) 







It is constructed in compliance with IEC 60695-11-5, 60335-1, 60950-1  


T4-36 is intended for burning tests (horizontal & vertical). It consists of two stands on a solid base. One is movable and the other is stationary. Many different burners (e.g. fishtail Bunsen burner, ordinary Bunsen burner, needle flame burner, etc.) can be attached on a movable stand which is on the guide, that enables the burner to be brought (and removed) exactly in the demanding position in the requested time. The stationary stand is attended for fixing the sample and the basis (e.g. wire gauze). On guide of the movable stand is an adjustable limiter, that ensures precise positioning of the burner during the test. Joints of the stand are so designed, that any requested position can be achieved


Set of wire gauzes:             3 pcs

Set of surgical cotton:         5 pcs


                                    width  500 mm

                                    depth  200 mm

                                    height 450 mm


All parts made of stainless steel, or galvanically protected or lacquered.



  1. Handle for rotating thermocouple with copper block
  2. Fixture for holding thermocouple with the copper block (can be removed when not needed)
  3. Burner mounting jaws
  4. The moveable stand enables removal of the burner from the sample before and after application
  5. Limiter for adjusting the precise position of the burner during fire application
  6. A horizontal rod with sample clamp for a vertical burning test (should be removed for other tests)
  7. Sample clamp for horizontal flammability tests
  8. Wire gauze clamp (shall be removed for tests where it is not applicable)
  9. Stainless steel tray for cotton or paper for flammability tests


Warranty: 2 years

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