Heat encl. for thermally protected ballasts T1-78

pdfHeating enclosure for thermally protected ballasts T1-78



It is constructed in compliance with IEC 61347-1 and, BS EN 61347-1:2008





  • Free standing enclosure (cubic enclosure with external dimensions of 660x660x660 mm)
  • Heat resistant material
  • Internal dimensions of enclosure is 610x610x610 mm
  • Doors with locking handle
  • Square opening of 150 mm on the doors, with aluminum shield
  • Test floor of the test compartment is 560 x 560 mm with 25 mm air space around the edges, lifted for 75 mm to provide space for heating elements
  • Heating elements consists of four 300W strip heaters with approximate surface of 40 x 300 mm, positioned in the heater compartment below the test floor.
  • Arrangement of the heater elements is in square shape inside heating compartment. Outside walls of the heaters are 65 mm from the enclosure walls.
  • Heating elements are controlled by a temperature controller which also includes overtemperature protection.
  • Temperature controller / contol unit is in separate casing
  • Temperature inside enclosure is measured by temperature sensor
  • Wooden ballast supports are included
  • Proper electrical connection to the ballast is up to the customer and depends on the type of the ballast.

On the front plate are located mains switch with fuse and appliance inlet, thermometer, connector for heaters power supply and socket for temperature sensor.


Line voltage                          220 V, 50 Hz / other optional

Power consumption            1215 VA

Controller                              digital programmable, accuracy ±0.5%


Control unit:              WxDxH: 250 x 270 x 150 mm

            Enclosure:                WxDxH: 660 x 660 x 660 mm

Design of control unit:

Table top apparatus, solid case, Non-sensitive, scratch-resistant surfaces through powder-coating, side panels, Al extrusion, RAL 7016, Frame, Al die-cast, RAL 7016, Base and cover, AI, 1.5 mm, RAL 9006, with GND/earthing connection, case feet with anti-slip protection, front plate and rear panel anodized aluminum 2,5 mm.


Internal and external dimensions in accordance with: IEC 60297-3. Type of protection IP 20 in accordance with IEC 60529, Protective GND/earthing connections in accordance with: IEC 61010, DIN EN 50178 / VDE 0160, DIN EN 60950 / VDE 0805, DIN EN 61010-1 / VDE 0411 part 1, DIN EN 61010-1A2 / VDE 0411 part 1/A1.


Warranty: 2 years

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