BURNER 50,500 W T4-65

pdfT4-65 BURNER 50, 500 W


Wire loop for glow wire test apparatus


It is constructed in compliance with the following standards:

IEC 60695-11-4 A, IEC 60695-11-3 A, IEC 60335-1…


The apparatus consists of the burner according to figures of the above-mentioned standards. The burner is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It has connection tubes that should be connected to a gas tube, which is connected to T4-66 or T4-67 any similar gas/air supply system (with pressure regulator, valves, flow meter, pressure gauge). It can be mounted into T4-36 MECHANISMUS FOR BURNING TESTS.        


It can be used inside T1-12 FUME CUPBOARD (or some of our similar units), which is also not included and shall be ordered separately.


The valve on the burner only be used as a regulating valve, not a shut-off valve (please never over torque (overtighten) it). The tests shall be performed only by authorized personnel, and the burner shall never be left unattended during operation. After the test, the valve on the gas cylinder shall be always closed/shut off. 


Due to the nature of this flammability test, the burner can not be equipped with any additional safety components, therefore the person conducting the test shall never leave the test unattended.


Both valves (on the gas cylinder and on the burner) shall be opened just before the test and closed immediately after the test. Depending on the length of the gas hose after lighting the flame some delay might occur before the flame is stable.


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