Arrangement for compression test of 24.5 T2-64

pdfArrangement for compression test of 24.5 (150 N, 300 N)  T2-64



T2-64 ARRANGEMENT FOR COMPRESSION TEST OF 10.1 and 24.5 (150 N, 300 N) is constructed in compliance with IEC 60884-1, FIG. 8, Cl. 10.1 and 24.5


T2-64 ARRANGEMENT FOR COMPRESSION TEST OF 24.5 (150 N, 300 N)  is intended for checking protection against electric shock.


Each specimen of plug or portable socket-outlet is then pressed between two flat surfaces with a force of 150 N for 5 min. as shown in figure 8.


It is based on a massive steel base plate, onto which are mounted two vertical columns that are equipped with handles for positioning heavy devices. On these two columns, special ball guides are mounted that guide massive steel pressure plate always parallel with the base plate. This pressure plate exerts a force of 150 N by its weight on the tested sample. The pressure plate is also equipped with handles for lifting or lowering it.

For clause 24.5 additional 150 N plate can be mounted on top, so that gives cumulative force 300 N, as required in clause 24.5.


Tabletop apparatus, solid steel base chrome-plated, Non-sensitive, scratch-resistant anodized sectional aluminum vertical profiles, solid steel base chrome-plated pressure plates. Vertical movement limiters are made of stainless steel.


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