Apparatus for pressure test at high temperature

pdfApparatus for pressure test at high temperature T4-29



T4‑29 APPARATUS FOR PRESSURE TEST AT HIGH TEMPERATURE is designed and manufactured in compliance with IEC 60884-1 Figure 41, 41a, 41b and BS 1363-1.


APPARATUS FOR PRESSURE TEST AT HIGH TEMPERATURE is intended for testing pins provided with insulating sleeves. Such pins should be resistant to the stresses to which they may be subjected at high temperature, likely to occur in conditions approaching bad connection conditions, and at low temperatures in particular conditions of service.


  • Solid aluminium base plate
  • Rectangular blade with an edge 0,7 mm wide, to be used in the case of round pins
  • Blade having a round shape with a diameter of 6 mm and an edge of 0,7 mm
  • Frame with a weight that exerts a force of 2,5 N through the blade on the tested sample
  • The frame is so designed, that the blades are easily exchangeable


APPARATUS FOR PRESSURE TEST AT HIGH TEMPERATURE is free standing, table top apparatus. It is intended for use in a chamber so all materials are so selected that they can continuously withstand the temperature of 250 deg. C. It is equipped with inscription plate, made of anodised aluminium. On this plate are a catalogue number and serial number that enable its traceability and certification. The base plate is made of anodised aluminium, on four legs. The vertical column is made of anodized sectional aluminium profile. Blades and weight are made of stainless steel. The sample support platform is made of chrome-plated steel.


 Dimensions  WxDxH: 100 x 250 x 280 mm
 Sample loading with blade frame  2,5 N


Certificates for dimensions of both blades and the force exerted on the test sample are available on request but are not included in the price.


Warranty: 2 years

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