Apparatus for high current arching T4-47A

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T4‑47APPARATUS FOR HIGH CURRENT ARCHING is designed and manufactured in compliance with UL746A and IEC 950.


T4 47 APPARATUS FOR HIGH CURRENT ARCHING is intended for determining the degree of protection of different materials against high current arching.




  • Fixed Electrode made of Copper, dia. 3.2 mm, length approx. 152 mm. The tip of the rod is machined to a symmetrical chisel point having an angle of 30°. The radius of curvature for the chisel edge does not exceed 0.1mm.
  • Movable Electrode made of Stainless Steel, dia. 3.2 mm, length approx. 152mm. The tip of rod is machined to a conical point having a total angle of 60°. The radius of curvature for the point does not exceed 0.1mm.
  • Electric motor drive for moving the movable electrode with adjustable speed(Pneumatic drive is despite the standard recommendation not recommended, because the separation speed of electrodes can not be reliably controlled)
  • Variable ratio transformer for voltage adjustment
  • Instruments for measuring current, voltage and power factor (cos phi)
  • Decremental off-switching counter, which switches the apparatus off after selected number of arcs.
  • Electrodes with motor and mechanical regulations are under protective cover with safety switches.
  • Special glass for observation of arching
  • Sample supporting table with adjustable height and non conductive heat resistance surface
  • Two measuring plates thickness 1.6 mm; for adjustment of distance between the sample and the electrodes
  • Device for forming of moveable electrode
  • Set of 5 pairs of spare electrodes (5 of stainless steel, 5 of copper)
  • Terminal sockets of variable ratio transformer are also on the front side of the apparatus, so that it can be also used as adjustable power supply unit.
  • Dwell time of 100 ±20 msbefore electrode withdrawal breaks the circuit and the timing of the arcs is to be adjusted to a rate of 40 complete arcs per minute.
  • Power is supplied to the test electrodes from a 240-V a-c, 60 Hz high capacity source.
  • Adjustable inductive and resistance loads, preset, to produce 32.5 A, power factor 0.5


Apparatus is free-standing on 4 heavy duty swivel rollers. Sheet steel housing, non-sensitive, scratch-resistant surfaces through powder-coating, front plate made of anodized aluminium. Frame is made of heavy duty anodized aluminium sectional profiles.


Line voltage                     220 V AC, 50 Hz / other optional,

Power consumption       7920 VA max.

Output voltage                0-250 V, 36 A

Loads                                Inductive +  Resistance  to produce 32,5 A, power factor 0.5

Moving of electrode        electric motor with regulation

Separation speed           adjustable

Arching rate                     approx.  40/min; adjustable

Counter                            Count-down., off switching, manual setting manual resetting, 1 - 999

Digital ampere-meter      40 A, class 1

Digital volt-meter            0-250 VAC, class 1

Power factor meter         (cos phi) 1 - 0.3, 220 V, 5 A, class 2.5

Base plate distance        adjustable 0 - 30 mm

Dimensions                     WxDxH: 550 x 500 x 370 mm

Weight                              approx.: 120 kg NET


Warranty: 2 years

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