Tumbling barrel h=500 mm T2-93

pdfTumbling barrel h=500 mm T2-93



It is constructed in compliance with BS 1363-1, Fig. 20,...


T2-93 TUMBLING BARREL h=500 mm, BS 1363-1, Fig. 20  is intended for establishing the resistance of different products and semi‑products to mechanical shocks.

Barrels are exchangeable so that it is also possible to attach different barrels on this apparatus.

Barrels in accordance with other standards can be supplied on customer's request and are not included in the price.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Moveable on four swivel rollers with breaks
  • Exchangeable barrels
  • Solid anodized aluminum framework
  • Wooden barrel made of blockboard, lacquered
  • Shelf faced with non-grip material
  • Impact base 9 mm nominal thick plywood, impact face birch - replaceable
  • Acrylic – transparent doors on both sides for observation, sample manipulation and impact base exchange.
  • Electromotor drive with reduction gear


Control unit


  • The front plate of anodized aluminum
  • Electromotor controller with current‑protection and feedback regulation
  • Counter that switches the apparatus off after completing a preset number of cycles
  • Motor speed regulation knob



Free standing apparatus, on 4 swivel rollers


CONTROL UNIT: solid case, Non-sensitive, scratch-resistant surfaces through powder-coating, side panels, Al extrusion, RAL 7016, Frame, Al die-cast, RAL 7016, Base and cover, AI, 1.5 mm, RAL 9006, with GND/earthing connection, case feet with anti-slip protection, front plate and rear panel anodized aluminum 2,5 mm.

Internal and external dimensions in accordance with: IEC 60297-3. Type of protection IP 20 in accordance with IEC 60529, Protective GND/earthing connections in accordance with: IEC 61010, DIN EN 50178 / VDE 0160, DIN EN 60950 / VDE 0805, DIN EN 61010-1 / VDE 0411 part 1, DIN EN 61010-1A2 / VDE 0411 part 1/A1.


MECHANICAL UNIT: Frame is made of anodized aluminum sectional profiles



Linevoltage                          U = 230(110) V, 50(60) Hz

Power consumption            Pmax = 240VA

Motor                                     Voltage: 36VDC, permanent magnets stator    

                                               Output power: 120W


Barrel turns                           5 rpm - adjustable

Regulation                           electronic, with feed back


Counter                                 24 V DC, n=0-99999

                                               off‑switching, manual preset,
                                               manual reset (on preset value)


Weight:                                  min. 35 kg

                                               max.: depends on type and variation


Fall height                            500 mm

Fall base                               Impact base 9 mm nominal thick plywood, impact face birch


Dimensions                          Width             600 mm

                                               Depth             600 mm

                                               Height            950 mm



Warranty: 2 years

Support by E-mail: support@testing.si

On line Skype VIDEO support: Testing_support, matejsimonic

We will be glad to help you and to hear any feedback from you.

The equipment described here is subject to redesign without notice. The change will not impair the function of apparatus its characteristics or the price.