Crush test apparatus 100 N T4-21

pdfCrush test apparatus 100 N  T4-21



T4-21 CRUSH TEST APPARATUS 100 N is constructed in compliance with IEC 60598-2-8, Fig. 3


T4-21 CRUSH TEST APPARATUS 100 N is intended for checking the adequate resistance of handlamps to heat.


The apparatus comprises two steel jaws, having a cylindrical face of 25 mm radius, a width of

15 mm, corners are rounded with a radius of 2,5 mm. It is wider then 50 mm that is requested by the standard because some handlamps have larger dimensions. 


The specimen should be clamped between the jaws in such a way that these press against it in the area where it is gripped in normal use, the centerline of the jaws coinciding as nearly as possible with the center of this area. The force applied through the jaws is 100 N. It is equipped with a screw and handles that enables lifting such a heavyweight.


The jaws are made of stainless hardened steel all other parts are galvanically protected.

 It is equipped with an inscription plate that indicates conformity with the standard. The calibration certificate is enclosed and included in the price.


Dimensions:                              width                          200 mm

                                                           depth                         130 mm

                                                           height                        150 mm

 Force exerted by the jaws and weight                            100 N

Weight                                              approx.                      12 kg



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