About us

Company TESTING is a supplier of special Quality testing equipment which is not generally available on the market. Our only business is the designing, development, and manufacturing of special test equipment with reference to IEC, CEE, EN, DIN,... standards. Our equipment is built to the current requirements set by the Standards. Company TESTING was founded in 1989, by Mitja Povoden and Anton Simonic. Anton Simonic worked as test engineer company SMK, from which originates IKM and later SIQ (http://www.siq.si/). In 70s he became executive manager in IKM. Mitja Povoden came in IKM in year 1970. He was also performing the tests. They were both pioneers on the field of testing electrotechnical products. Due to the fact that, at that time, it was not possible to buy test equipment on the market, they had to design and manufacture many of the equipment by themselves. That was the main job of Mitja Povoden, he was chief of construction in years 1970-1989, when he constructed and manufactured most of IKM’s electro-mechanical equipment. Due to the demands on the market for test equipment that had been seen by other people from similar institutes, visiting IKM, and the fact that they were not able to manufacture and sell test equipment under IKM they left IKM and formed company Testing. So both founders have worked on the field of testing, test equipment design and manufacturing as pioneers, and this gave us tradition and experience necessary for designing and manufacturing test equipment. On this field it is very important to have experience in testing and to understand the problems that occur during testing. We are still maintaining very good relations with some of the people that perform the tests in SIQ and with our customers to get the feedback, of what can be improved on our equipment.

We entered the IEC CB-BULLETIN OC as recognized test equipment manufacturers on the basis of our products which had to be tested in international recognized laboratories and NCB‑s: http://www.iecee.org/ctl/equipment-suppliers.html.

Our production range includes IP test equipment, test fingers and probes, safety test equipment, gauges for plugs, socket‑outlets, appliance couplers and lampholders, equipment for breaking capacity, normal operation and endurance tests of switches, plugs, socket outlets and appliance couplers, equipment for testing resistance to heat, fire and tracking and equipment for checking mechanical strength and mechanical hazards. We can also manufacture different environmental chambers, including humidity, temperature, dust and draught-proof chambers. Not all of the products available from TESTING are listed on this page. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please contact us.

With our equipment the conformity of products to the requirements of different national standards and recommendations (IEC, CEE, EN, JUS, ISO, CCIR, CCITT, DIN, BS, NF, UL, etc.), and other regulations and demands, can be measured and proved. Quality and reliability of products are not only an extra expense for the company, but are also properties of all well‑known companies and world class manufacturers. Quality testing equipment can also contribute to an additional saving of material, energy, and time.

For prices, delivery terms, technical details and any other information that you may require, please contact us on the following address: TESTING d.o.o., Trzaska 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe, mail@testing.si,  Phone: + 386 1 426 21 99, Fax.: +386 1 421 03 66